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Scott Lee

The Amiga and the music that you could create on it had a great impact on many people and our culture. VividTracker brings this legacy of Amiga music to our modern era of mobile devices.

I am therefore very grateful that Scott Lee, who was a member of the demo groups Agile / Fantasy / Fairlight, has offered six of his songs written during the period 1987-1990 to be bundled with VividTracker; a great piece of Amiga music history!

Figure 1: Scott Lee.

Scott Lee is nowadays working professionally as a sound designer, audio director, and song composer. He is an American award-winning composer for music in video games, television, and film score. You can follow him on YouTube here:

You can download even more great mods by Scott Lee from ModArchive:

Here is a link to a demoscene interview with Scott Lee:

You will find his music in the folder ScottLee if you go to the file browser on screen 2. Now, go ahead and load the first mod on the list - beyondtheclouds.mod. It’s a great piece of music and you can hear that it was created during an era when the Commodore Amiga was the greatest home computer in the world.

The style of this music was not only about the limitations of the format. The combination of synth music as an offspring from punk, post-punk and new wave (Sex Pistols, Joy Division / New Order, Depeche Mode, etc), together with a limited but still very powerful way of creating sounds from samples through wave table synthesis using effect commands, and a demo scene quick that was quick at adopting ideas and samples from that era, certainly influenced the music style in these early mod-files.

Figure 2: Scott Lee modules produced between the year 1987-1990.
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