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10 June 2023 - VividShaper

Ten years ago, 2013, I was working heavily on VividTracker. It took about a year to develop the first version of VividTracker, so I guess that I had a kind of working app at that time. It would still be half a year before I could actually release it.

VividShaper is my next app after VividTracker. It is not a stand-alone app like VividTracker, but an AUv3 wavetable synthesiser plugin that you load in a hosting app like Garageband, AUM, Logic, or Ableton Live.

The unique thing with VividShaper is that you get to program your own wave tables using the built in Lua programming language. Each wave table is 128 samples long, a common length in some hardware synthesisers such as Dave Smith's Evolver and the legendary Prophet VS synth. Your Lua-code will get called many times per second (for instance 50 times, depending on host playback speed and buffer size), and at each run you can reshape the wave.

I thought it would take less time to create this plugin, but I just had too many ideas for it. I had a version running already in late 2020, then called VividWaves, but it was a very simple mono-synth with just one oscillator. It could still give some very interesting sounds, but didn't sound that “fat”. Some years later, and a PhD defence in between that took most of my time actually, I am now very close to release VividShaper.

VividShaper has eight generators (allowing you to play up to eight notes at a time) and eight oscillators per generator (each oscillator with its own unique wavetable, volume, and panning).

Also, it will be released both for iOS and macOS and it will have support for iCloud, which means you can save a patch running VividShaper in Ableton Live and then pick up your patch in AUM on your iPhone.

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