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Welcome/Blog/3 March 2024 - New VividShaper features coming soon

3 March 2024 - New VividShaper features coming soon

Ever since the release of VividShaper, I had some great plans for upcoming versions. I was planning for smaller updates, but ended up with a quite big updated that unfortunately took much longer to finish. Most of the things are now in place, so I hope to release the next version within the next couple of days. This new version will include:

  • A much better way of organising patches. You will be able to use hashtags in your patch name and the dropdown menu with patches will be organised according to your hashtags. Say you call a patch the following name: “Desert #drone #evolving #pad”. You will then be able to find this patch in the category menus #drone, #evolving, and #pad.
  • Ring modulation.
  • Sync modulation.
  • Optimised version. This version is not as CPU intensive as the first version.
  • Turn off generators. You can programmatically turn off a generator that you are not using any longer.
  • Read the x/y position in the waves view. This means, if you press the mouse in this area (or tap with your finger in iOS), you will be able to read the position and use it in your code.
  • Update new factory patches by download from Internet. This means you will not need to wait for a new update on the App Store. I intend to release new factory patches every now and then.

Then, there are a few things in the pipeline as well that I thought I would be able to finish, but it will have to wait for upcoming versions:

  • MIDI output. This already works in this version, but I still need some testing period before I can realise it.
  • Drawing features. You will be able to draw things in the oscillator view using commands such as VSLine and VSCircle. I have some code already working.
  • FM synthesis. You will be able to use the different oscillators to frequency module each other.
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