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Welcome/Blog/27 March 2024 - Some news on VividShaper and VividTracker

27 March 2024 - Some news on VividShaper and VividTracker

I am currently working on the final pieces for the new VividShaper v1.2 update. I wrote some information about it last time (see 3 March 2024 - New VividShaper features coming soon). I am also adding some new LFO functions: VSLFOSin, VSLFOTriangle, VSLFOSaw, and VSLFOSquare. These are great to create pulsating stuff and can be applied to anything from filters to volume output. I also need to add some new patches.

I have also some great new stuff coming for VividTracker. One thing you will be able to do is to select scale, like Dorian, Lydian, etc. This will make it much easier to write songs in harmony to the selected key. This new update will hopefully come shortly after the VividShaper update.

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